After we get you "legit", we help you stay "legit".

DON’T LET DEADLINES AND ADMINISTRATIVE FILING REQUIREMENTS WEIGH YOU DOWN. Let us help you stay legit so you can focus on maintaining and running a legitimate business.
  • Stay Legit Tracker
    Filled with info and deadlines specific to your business and your state.

  • Recurring email and SMS alerts
    Timely email and SMS alerts give you ample notification to fulfill requirements and meet state and federal deadlines.

  • Online Legit My Biz account
    View your Get Legit Calendar and sign up for other available business services.


Step 1

Setup Your Account With Us.

When you get "legit" with Legit My Biz or if you sign up for our Stay Legit Calendar separately, we get to know your business so we can pinpoint exactly when your next filings will be due.

Step 2

Receive Email and SMS Alerts

Not only will we send you an iCalendar file for your Outlook or Google account, but we will also send you timely alerts of when your deadlines are drawing near, so you can stay "legit" and check it off on your to-do list.

Step 3

We Can Do Your Paperwork

Along with receiving alerts, we make it easy to complete your filing, often with a few clicks of the mouse, to stay in compliance and get your filings done.

Why You Should Let Legit My Biz Help You Stay Legit!

We have seen the mistakes and have the expertise to not only get you legit but help you stay legit, regardless of business type and size.
Do what you love. Let us handle the legwork.


We know exactly what needs to needs to be done to get you legit. Let us keep track of your deadlines, so you don’t have to worry about it. Never worry about not being in good standing again.

Peace of Mind

Each state is different and therefore has different annual filing requirements. Why waste time with research and all the legal blah, blah, blah, We have already figured out what needs to be done so you can focus on what matters, running your business.

Focus on What Matters

 You can then focus on what is important to you – running a legitimate business.

Stay Legit Calendar FAQs
Still, have questions? Email us or Live Chat with us for support.

What is the Get Legit Calendar?

Our system keeps track of your important state and federal filing deadlines and sends you email and SMS alerts when it is time for a filing. 

What Dates are Included?

Requirements vary from state to state. Most states require an annual report to be filed along with a filing fee. Some states require initial state of information or annual report or quarterly statements to be filed. With our Stay Legit Calendar, you won’t have to worry about ever missing a deadline again - so you can stay in good standing.

What happens if you go into "Not in Good Standing" Or Forfeiture?

Most states will assess fines and penalties for not filing the required documents. In some cases (vary by state), you can forfeit your right to do business in your state and lose the personal liability, which is a perk of being an LLC.

This service is already included with the Get Legit Service. 

We're here to help.
Email us at to speak with an LLC Strategist.