RecordingKeeping 1:1 Session

Are you starting a new small business? In this 1:1 60-minute session you'll learn about which business records to keep, the legal requirements, and how long to keep your records. This basic session also introduces you to the benefits of developing good recordkeeping habits as well as tools to help you manage your records.

budgeting for your commitments 1:1 Session

In this 1:1 60-minute session, you'll learn a straightforward five-step process to stay on top of your regular financial commitments. Find out how to identify business activities that trigger financial responsibilities as get practical help to plan for and meet your future commitments.

recording expenses 1:1 Session

Is your business registered GST? How do you record your business expenses? A good record-keeping system will give you information about your business operations to help you with your business decisions. Recording all of your expenses correctly will help you claim all your entitled deductions, making sure you pay only your fair share of tax.

In this 1:1 60-minute session, you'll record the monthly expenses of your business.

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