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We help biz owners become a b.o.s.s. (back-office superstar). 

As a biz owner, you need to push profit margins, not papers. After working with hundreds of biz owners, we know firsthand that when you’re trying to get a footing in the market, you can’t let anything spoil your drive and passion.

Back-office responsibilities like accounting, taxes, compliance, recordkeeping, and payroll may be time-consuming, but you also can’t afford to let them slide.


That's why we created a "new thing": EQUIPPED 4 SUCCESS.

Our one-stop-shop approach to all things back-office gives your biz an economic edge by keeping your house in order and ensuring that you always know your numbers and stay tax, audit, and due diligence ready. Now you can get the best of both worlds: the entrepreneur’s buzz of breaking into the market alongside the peace of mind of knowing that all your back-office needs are continually being met.

Setup Savvy

As experts in back-office setup, we’re familiar with the demands and challenges you’ll face at every growth milestone. We’ll make sure you’ll stay compliant with business and tax laws even as you experience rapid change because we’ve escorted hundreds of biz owners to get to the end zone—biz survival.  We know how critical it is to know your numbers and be audit and due diligence ready at every turn. Biz owners are already tired from marketing, sales, social media, customers, etc. When you have a team of experts providing timely and accurate insights, you can get back to the reason you started the biz in the first place.

One-Stop Shop

We’ve got your back in everything related to “running” your biz, from accounting and taxes to compliance, recordkeeping, and payroll. Need to speak apply for a loan and need financial documents? Raise another round of financing? No problem. We can give you the expertise whenever you need it.

The Know-How

We leverage technology to proactively manage your back-office needs (or we can teach how to do it yourself), whether anticipating required filings & deadlines or automatically following up on A/R and A/P. Our paperless solution keeps your biz back-office running smoothly in the background, gives you a unified dashboard for all your back-office functions, and ensures that you never have to worry about compliance or payroll hassles.