Why Legit My Biz?

Legit (le·​git | \ li-ˈjit  \):

(a) accordant with the law or with established legal forms and requirements

(b) being exactly as intended or presented: not spurious or false

(c) genuinely good, impressive, or capable of success.

(d) conforming to recognized principles or accepted rules and standards  

We are focused on providing effective small business systems solutions...

Imagine being able to reach more people, create a consistently positive customer experience, AND spend more time doing what you love?

Isn’t that “the dream”?

Isn’t that why you chose to leave the 9-to-5 behind?

Isn’t that your whole reason for starting your biz?

Then let’s make sure you enjoy it, rather than operating in a constant state of overwhelming stress.

I can help you intentionally design a business that energizes you!

Hey, I'm Stefanie!

And I’m here to help you design a business that frees you up for the things you’re best at selling, creating, marketing, social media, etc., because you were not born to balance books or keep track of receipts (and that’s ok!).

Instead, I can help you identify your strengths and play to them. And your weaknesses? Let’s get clear on those, too, so that you can minimize, automate, and get sorted!

Because optimizing snooze-worthy systems and processes is my superpower!

As a former CEO and COO for two multimillion businesses, I managed back-office operations: accounting, finance, legal, compliance, operations, and administration. I bring over 24+ years of business management experience and legal acumen (Master of Science in Law).


Getting you organized so you can get back to what matters most to you.

After a decade of using this superpower to help multimillion businesses, I’m keen to help you grow their businesses without growing your stress levels.

Together we’ll work out the best way for you to overhaul those snooze-worthy systems and whip them into something that actually serves your purpose.

Which means more time for the tasks, people, and life that you love. More room to scale your business. And more focus on delivering a consistently stellar customer experience (Because when your customer experience is worth raving about, you’ll have more people lining up to support what you’re doing!)

Ready to design your business to suit you?



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years of experience as CEO & COO to two multimillion-dollar businesses.


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