Welcome to the world of LLC ownership... Here’s the LLC Owner’s Manual--the manual you didn’t know you needed.

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 So you just purchased your first LLC (Limited Liability Company). Congrats! Now you are asking yourself what to do next. You get manuals for every other big purchase like cars, ovens, smartphones, and computers, why not your LLC? With this LLC Owner’s Manual, you can learn how to operate and maintain your LLC with ease.

Here are some things you need to know about your LLC after purchase.
✔ What is an LLC?
✔ What Does An LLC Do?
✔ How Does An LLC Work?
✔ Is My LLC Protected? 
✔ How Can I Protect My LLC? 
✔ What are the Tax Rules for an LLC? 
✔ How Do I Pay Taxes for an LLC? 


what's inside...

Features of Your LLC
Operating Your LLC
Safeguarding Your LLC Maintaining Your LLC Troubleshooting Your LLC And more!

The LLC Owner’s Manual is your go-to guide for everything you need to know about your LLC, from the moment of purchase—from setting up your accounting to determining your tax status.

Why should you read this manual?

The answer is simple: because it’s beneficial. If you spend your hard-earned money on an LLC, then why not learn how to use it properly? The tips in this manual will help you get the most out of your LLC. 

Unlike all the other manuals you got when purchasing your big-ticket items, LLC Owner’s Manual doesn't bore you with a bunch of legal jargon. It’s straight to the point, with plain language instructions on what you need to do to operate it and maintain your LLC for maximum profit. It's lean, jargon-free, and easy to read with no fluff.  It also contains an index for easy navigation.

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