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LLC Concierge Service

Want to start a legit business?  We can help you form your business in a way that aligns with your company’s specific needs and goals. With prices starting at $49, the LLC Concierge Service offers the most affordable way for small business owners to create an LLC

Our LLC Concierge Service is a seamless, fully transparent service that offers you peace of mind and takes the stress out of forming your business. From forming an LLC to setting up your bank account and preparing contracts, we can work with you to help eliminate confusion and make sure everything is done right the first time.

✔ LLC Formation
✔ Tradename Registration 
✔ License and Permits 
✔ Company Bank Accounts 
✔ Tax ID / EIN 
✔ Operating and/or Partnership Agreement 
✔ Business Insurance 
✔ Business Trust 
✔ Business Tax Filings 
✔ Annual Report Fillings 
✔ Agreements & Contracts 
✔ Terms & Conditions and 
✔ DUNS Number Registration 
✔ Setup Business Tradelines 
✔ Payroll Setup
✔ 1099 Setup
✔ Trademark Registration
✔ System for Award Management (SAM) Registration 
✔ Business Certifications
✔ BBB Accreditations 
✔ And More... 🔐

✅ Get Started Today!
✅ Complete Your Business Set-Up In One Day (
depending on the state)
✅ Protect Your Personal Assets From Lawsuits and Judgments
✅ Start Dealing with Banks and Government Officials Through a Single Contact

We’re affordable enough that we won’t break the bank, but we will pay attention to detail so you don’t have to worry about getting caught off guard. Our flexible pricing allows you to take ownership of the process, with one-on-one assistance as needed.

✉️ Let's Talk Concierge

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