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At Legit My Biz, we don’t just help you get legit, we help them do it the right way—with joy, care, and a personal touch. Legit My Biz supports more than 50 small businesses and growing. We’re here to assist you, every step of the way in your business journey.

Keep it Legit Requirements for Small Business

From start-up to LLC formation to success, your business has a life span. No matter where you are in your journey, you need to know what you should be doing in order to keep it legit. 


Get Legit Package

Preparation and filing of all legal documents

to register as an LLC with your State.

Stay Legit Package

We will send SMS and email reminders when your filing due dates are approaching. We can do all the groundwork, including preparing and submitting your annual report to your state. 


Who We Are?

Legit My Biz has helped numerous business owners create "legit" businesses. However, if you choose to form a corporation or LLC, you must file the proper formation documents. Your State Secretary's Office then essentially grants you the right to conduct business as a statutory business entity with all the advantages it brings.  

To maintain this right, you are subject to a stack of federal, state, and local laws and requirements. These include appointing a registered agent, meeting deadlines for annual reports and/or statement of information, and paying fees and/or franchise taxes. Unfortunately, thousands of businesses lose their good standing each year due to no properly manage their business entity. 

As long as you comply with all these requirements, you will be labeled in “good standing” with your state, and you keep all the rights and privileges of doing business as a statutory entity such as an LLC.


However, if you don't stay on top of your compliance obligations can lose your good standing status. Your business will be labeled "not active," "delinquent," "void," "suspended," or "dissolved." The connotation and severity of these terms fluctuate depending on each state, what compliance requirements were neglected, and the length of the noncompliance. Loss of good standing can impair your ability to do business. This where we come in….

What do We do?

We manage business entities including but not limited to,

  • Draft business formation documents including preparation of Articles of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendments, Articles of Dissolution, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, IRS Forms, Foreign Qualifications, Application for 501c3, etc. 

  • Prepare state and local filings (including financial and business).

  • Prepare annual reports for the Secretary of State for each entity.

  • Assist in the preparation of tax returns and related work papers and tax projections.

  • Liaise with your registered agent to assure compliance with state laws.

  • Obtain certificates of good standing, UCC filings, and other Secretary of State certifications.

  • Assist with regulatory licensing and compliance matters.

  • Track compliance with all applicable laws by implementing best practices, checklists, and playbooks. 

  • Provide appropriate oversight to ensure all filings are being made timely and reported correctly.

  • Track and follow up on various action items to ensure schedules and due dates are met.

You should be aware of the serious consequences that losing good standing status can have on your business, including these:

  1. Possible loss of access to the courts.

  2. Difficulties in securing capital and financing. 

  3. Tax liens. 

  4. Administrative dissolution or revocation.

  5. Loss of name rights.

  6. Fines and penalties.

  7. Personal liability.

  8. Business identity theft.

Learn more about whom to get and stay legit effectively. Contact us today. Request your LLC Check-Up, and we'll show where you're registered and your status with your state. If the check-up reveals any issues, we can help you fix them. 

Our Owner

Over the last two decades, I helped businesses like yours get and stay legit.  As your Compliance Chick, I resolve any issues you may have with your state, the feds, including the IRS, help you stay abreast of any regulatory and tax changes, and audit your current business status. 

I founded Legit My Biz to help you not only become a legitimate business but stay legit.  Not doing it right can cost you money in terms of fines and penalties. When your LLC is not formed correctly you will have to file an Amendment which in some states will make you pull out your wallet.  We help you avoid tax, legal and regulatory issues. 

I have a passion for law and government affairs as exhibited in my background. As a former Lobbyist and Government Affairs and Compliance Specialist, let me help you get your business in a good position. 

Education:   MS Law, Paralegal Certificate, BS Legal Studies, and BS Criminal Justice. 

Affiliations: National Association of Legal Professionals, National Society of Compliance Professionals, and Association of Legal Administrators.

Hello, I am Stefanie, Owner of Legit My Biz and the Compliance Chick.