Mag Business Solutions d/b/a Legit My Biz ™ 

Mag Business Solutions d/b/a Legit My Biz ™ is a provider of services to small businesses. 

Successful businesses never take their success for granted. Legit My Biz™ recognizes that in each business, there is always room for improvement and our services are more than a simple 'check-up'. Successful businesses recognize that regularly evaluating the performance of your business allows you to be proactive to changes in the marketplace.

We encourage businesses to continually monitor their operations and performance, seek opportunities to enhance their productivity, and take advantage of opportunities arising from technological change, legislation, consumer trends, and/or changing market and economic conditions. 

Regardless of where you are in the business life cycle, Legit My Biz™ provides the support you need with a focus on value. We understand that one size does not fit everyone. Our recommendations to you are based on personal attention combined with flexible and customized strategies to improve business operations.

Our experienced CYA coach helps you to become fully informed on risk indicators, find new ways of doing business, and improve productivity. We've designed a range of Business Assessment options to suit your business's size, life-cycle stage, location, and industry.

Using a range of diagnostic techniques, Legit My Biz™  will work with you to develop action-ready road maps to resolve important business setbacks and blockages such as self-sabotage and curveballs.

Our Specialists 

Stefanie Magness
Owner & CYA Coach/Advisor
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