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Run Your  Business With Confidence 

Legit My Biz™ equips you with the support you need to start and build a fail-proof business. Beat the Odds and Be Successful!  

"Make preparation in advance. You never have trouble if you are prepared for it".

Not taking preemptive steps to avoid hiccups, mishaps, mixups, setbacks, challenges, and obstacles is why 50% of startups fail within their first five years.  So, how can you prevent your business from becoming another statistic? You can take preemptive steps (cover your ass[ets]) to ensure that you don't experience a business interruption.

What is a business interruption?  There are many troubling scenarios that can cause business interruptions to unfortunate circumstances, mistakes, errors, and omissions that can sideline your businesses for days, weeks, and even months.  Business interruption is a type of operational risk that interferes with your ability to function, and businesses of all sizes need to find ways to mitigate its effects. 

If you are serious about running a genuinely "good" business capable of success, focus on the following:

  • Implement a system of checks and balances. 
  • Get an annual CYA Biznostics!
  • Follow the rules and adhere to the dos and don'ts.
  • Ask for help!


What do we mean by a legit business? le·​git | \ li-ˈjit  \ (adjective) Means to be genuinely good, impressive, or capable of success (Merriam-Webster). 


What does Legit My Biz™ Do? We help you get your business in genuinely good shape, so you become successful. We do this by helping you cover your ass[ets] (CYA). CYA means to take preemptive steps to make sure that you don't get into hot water or face business interruption.




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