How would you like to create a legit business that is fully in your control? 

Here's a 4-part system to help you go from unnoticed, to star player, all the way to the endzone, or victory.

We help you start a legit business, become the CEO of it, and get to the end zone—where you win! 

How It Works



LLC Draft Day

You have made a decision to become legit through LLC formation. We help you establish your business with the proper paperwork and licensing, develop an efficient financial strategy, and bring everything together in the endzone: a successful and profitable company.


Attend LLC Training Camp

Now that you are in the league (legit business), it's time to learn how to play. You need to learn all the rules, develop a game plan, and begin playing. In other words: get started on your business.


Attend (MVP) New CEO Training 

Now that you’ve completed your training, it’s time to learn about your position in the league. As a coach, I can teach you how to become the most valuable player (the CEO). As the most valuable player, you have a leadership role. By taking on this role, you can lead and guide others in the business.

 Confident CEO™ Squad or Huddle is a monthly subscription for continuing education, support, motivation and community for you now that you are in the league. We are here to support you as you navigate your new role, providing practical advice and emotional support from others who’ve been there before.

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I'm Stefanie M.

Hi, I'm Stefanie. I'm really excited to introduce the redesigned website for my LLC consultancy and CEO Coaching services.

I founded Legit My Biz from the CEO seat, so I know what you're up against. I know it's not easy running a startup. Out of my frustrations and experiences, I created this program to share with you how I've done exactly that — went from Business Manager to CEO of a $20 million business. Now I am CEO Coach just for you! Sign up and join me as I host and guide you through the journey toward building your own startup LLC empire — with you as the Captain (the CEO).

As a CEO, I was responsible for keeping up with our legal structure, managing finances and accounting, human resources, customer services, operations, and administration. I have been there and done that. I brought back souvenirs to help you get in the end zone and win!

I have held management positions in business administration with USA Today, United Healthcare, LLC, Gannett Co., Inc., Goodwill Industries, Inc., and Healthy Directions, LLC (formerly Phillips Health Publishing). I started my career as a business specialist with the Better Business Bureau, Inc. I am an MSL graduate from the University of Pennsylvania and hold a Master of Science in Law degree. I attended the University of Maryland, College Park where I studied undergraduate studies in legal studies and received a certificate in paralegal studies.

I've been awarded many honors including Pine Sol Honors, Women of Power by Essence Magazine, Who's Who Among Black Washington, DC, and Women in Leadership by Ebony Magazine.


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