We help you make sense out of running an LLC. 

Is your recording keeping compliant with federal, state, and local laws? How confident are you in how your business handles your legal obligations? Did you file your annual report with the state? 

There are many rules and regulations in place regarding running a business. However, staying in front of everything can cause a headache, and the consequences for non-compliance can be serious. As a business owner, it is your job to know and follow every applicable law, no matter how complicated they are or how often they change. In business, knowledge is everything, and IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS!

With new regulations, especially around the Tax Code and updates to existing legislation, staying compliant is becoming increasingly difficult. And even small mistakes and omissions can lead to big problems such as fines, penalties, lawsuits, and even in some states, criminal charges for being noncompliant. 


Our mission is simple, to help you stay out of trouble and keep you in good standing. To help you find and correct problems in your business, we created LLC POWER SESSION, GOODCHECK™, EXPENSERIGHT™, AND STAYGOOD™; these are solutions for your staying compliant, recordkeeping, taxation, state annual LLC requirements, and more!  You don’t have to spend a chunk of your time trying to deal with complex business legal and regulatory issues on your own.



One of the main reasons LLCs lose their good standing is because the owners failed to fulfill annual state requirements. Don't let deadlines and administrative filing requirements give you headaches. Never miss a filing deadline. 

Only $19.99/year




Keep track of your receipts on the go!  Using Expense Right, you can easily enter your expenses and store photos of receipts on the go. No more losing receipts and missed deductions.

Only $7.99/month



Are you up to date on required filings?

Are you properly maintaining records?

Did you complete the "BIG 10" after
forming your LLC?


Tax Compliance Strategy


Though the deadline for filing your taxes may be months away, most tax strategists agree: the two best times to get a jump on tax planning are “now” and “all the time.” 

We know that it isn’t always easy for an overworked, creative business owner, but it’s crucial to your LLC's growth and success to do tax planning and strategize as a year-round effort.

Tax planning will help you:

  • Organize your receipts, invoices, and other documents,

  • Get a better understanding of Profit & Loss Statements & the Schedule C,

  • Utilize all available tax credits and deductions for your LLC.

Smart tax planning can lower the amount of taxes you owe throughout the year, but you must do it consistently.

To get the most out of it, it pays to work with us to help you strategize for both short and long-term financial goals. In addition, it’ll make the filing process easier to handle tax time and be a benefit to your business's bottom line.

Ready to get started and make your tax season easier to manage? 

Get Seriously Sorted 

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I’m Stefanie Magness, MSL, the Compliance Chick and Your LLC Partner, I am also the founder of Legit My Biz. I help entrepreneurs like you figure things out about your LLC and tax obligations and eliminate the "unknown"  and "uncertainty" and information overload so you can thrive and have inner peace.

I help you evaluate your current LLC structure, check for cracks and more, and help you to ensure you’re building a strong, durable business.

My superpower: A problem solver who is results-oriented.


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